Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Come on over . . .

I love spring and early summer. Especially the lilacs. These are some of the last lilacs in my yard.

The same rain that took away most of the lilacs also took away most of the blooms on my bleeding heart bush, but a few blooms remained.

This is what I've been up to lately: planting, weeding, mulching, mowing . . . I think the results are well worth it.

Here is my attempt at an "English garden" window box. I think it turned out pretty well. You can see the green watering can on the porch. It belonged to my Dad. We used to water trees with it every day during the summer when I was a teenager.

This is my front porch. You can see my hanging fuschia and the blooming spirea.

There is something about springtime that brings out my love of all things whimsical.


This one was made for me by a former co-worker. She made it out of a decorative stairway spindle. And notice the rocks that my kids painted.

Here's my favorite coffee mug created for me by my darling daughter

A knitted cupcake - seriously.

I'm taking things more in stride this year. There is the usual flurry of end-of-school activities, dance recitals, softball/baseball practices and games, and gearing up for summer. But I'm dealing with everything as it comes, and I'm much more laid back about it all. I'm ready to leave this school year behind and enjoy the warm weather this year.

Thanks for visiting me and letting me share this life of mine with you.

Y'all come back now.


  1. Hey J!! Beautiful flowers and blooms AND wow that green watering can! Cool! A little bit of Daddy there. A knitted are a very special girl and I love you.


  2. Now how'd you do that window box? Lovely. I can't wait to see what you've done to your yard, bet it looks good with all the new trees and plantings. You're a talented woman, and don't you forget it!

    Mother Heller

  3. I enjoyed the tour!!! You did succeed at making an English garden fit in a window box. I loved everything about this post! Happy end of the school year!