Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Mess

I have the worst cold in the world.  The kind of cold I only get once every five years.  My throat is so sore I can hardly swallow, and my nose hasn't stopped running for 24 hours.  I am in agony.  

To make matters worse, when I was driving my dear daughter to dance class last night, I took the back roads because we were running late (as usual), and I ran over a small bunny rabbit.  I told the daughter that I must've just nicked him because I saw him run off in the rear view mirror, but I'm pretty sure the little guy was road pizza.  

I had horrible decongestant-induced "Watership Down" rabbit nightmares all night long.  

I have to get to the store because I'm almost out of Kleenix.  I've used over two and a half boxes in 24 hours.  Bleeeccchhh!

I'm going to go do some internet research right now to see if alcohol can actually kill cold germs.  

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