Monday, July 27, 2009

When Kids Ask Questions We Aren't Prepared to Answer

I was brushing darling daughter's hair this morning before going out to play tennis. Out of the blue, she asks me, "When was the first time you slept with Dad?"

I am rarely rendered speechless, but I have to tell you that, much like a drowning victim, all I could see for a split second was bright whiteness, and there was a buzzing in my ears. I thought I might faint.

As I blinked and stared at her dumbfounded, she asked, "Was it like a sleepover or something?" I told her that it was something like that, and it was too long ago to remember. Thank goodness she accepted that answer, and went to find a ponytail holder.

I've got to start preparing for things like this. Any words of wisdom out there for me? Similar experiences with kids?

I'm still lightheaded. I may have to go knit a few rows until I calm down.


  1. Ahhhhhh. I remember these moments like they were yesterday. Only, I was dealing with boys! Personally I feel you gave a great answer. This is one of those moments that she will take in stride as long as you do not refuse to answer in some way. It only gets better! Love ya. Celie

  2. Ummmmmm. You could tell her it was much like a wrestling game!

  3. Lie, lie, lie and then ask friends (I suppose that's me) with older girls for advice. Let me know when you get the menstrual cycle, I can help on that one.