Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ten Years

I can't believe my beautiful baby girl just turned ten. I swear, I just brought her home from the hospital. I knew time would go fast, so I've tried to memorize certain things through the years: how good she smelled when she was a baby; the feeling of her little arms wrapped around my neck; the wet kisses all over my face; the way she looks when she's sleeping; her doodles of flowers and butterflies; her small hand in mine; and her beautiful eyes.

Happy birthday my wonderful girl.

Dance like everyone is watching.

Love always ~



  1. What a cutie!!!! Is her birthday the 21st of April???????? How cool if it is because mine is too :> I rarely meet anyone born on that day. In fact, until now, only one.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday from a big Taurus (and once ballerina) to a pretty, little dancing Taurus!