Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday, we experienced a rare phenomenon known as "thundersnow" where I live.  We couldn't hear the thunder part of it - reports said that it could be heard two to three kilometers outside of the city.  However, what occurred was something so incredibly beautiful and rare that I couldn't take myself away from the front window of my house.  The day had dawned dark and overcast.  A storm was imminent.  

At about noon, it started to snow a bit.  By 1:30 pm, it looked like I was encased in a snow globe.  I will never forget the insane beauty of it.  I walked outside in the swirling snow and lifted my face to the sky.  I felt like I was surrounded by sparkling diamonds.  It was truly heavenly.  

I found a song by the incredible Thomas Newman from the soundtrack to the movie "Road to Perdition".  The song is "Road to Chicago," and it is sweet and sad and has the same swirling movement of the thundersnow.  

I'm posting it here.  Enjoy.  I hope you can all experience thundersnow someday.  

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