Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Debate Team

It has been a bad morning in this household.  The kind of bad morning that leaves me drinking gallons of coffee and searching the cupboards for anything chocolate.  

It started right away when both kids woke up crabby.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth over having to eat scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.  There was even more wailing and weeping over their wardrobe.  Their mother hasn't gotten all the back-to-school purchases washed and ready yet.  "Why didn't you get that done?" screamed my son.  "I can't wear anything I've worn before!" screamed the daughter.  "Fine.  Go naked." replied their harried mother.  They did end up finding suitable clothing though the son changed shirts a couple of times.  

This was followed by arguments over which TV show to watch.  I shut off the TV.  Then there was a fight over some toys in the bedroom.  And then the daughter wanted to wear flip-flops and the son refused to wear a coat.  It is 44-degrees outside this morning.  We debated about what would make sense for awhile.  (I just never learn.)  This ended with my daughter telling me that there wouldn't be any problems if I would just drive them to school instead of making them take the bus.  I resisted the urge to scream like a banshee.  My son did decide to wear a sweatshirt, but my daughter clung to her flip-flops in defiance.  

The bus has picked them up.  No doubt they are hitting and picking on each other all the way to school.  I feel bad about unleashing them on an unsuspecting world today.  I doubt that the day is going to go by without some sort of phone call/email about someone's behavior.  

I'm going to my happy place now.  


  1. I'm havin a chocolate and almond bar for ya. Think happy thoughts, think Christmas. Let the kids pick out their own clothes. One cold day in flip flops and Katie won't do that again. Joe is a boy, clothes aren't that important. My kids wore uniforms so you could be ironing white shirts and slacks and skirts. I love Ya!!! C

  2. I just finished washing and ironing all the new school clothes today, no kidding. I just cracked up when I read your blog about that. Also, a small piece of advice. We banned T.V. in the morning before school because it caused much "wailing and gnashing of teeth" between the two girls. Things seemed much better after that. If they wanted to do somthing, I made them read or look at a picture book. As far as the flip flops, sometimes you have to pick your battles. When she's cold, she'll get the drift. I love those kids, they remind me of mine at that age. You can come to my house and make eggs and toast, all they usually get here is cold cereal. Lori

  3. What can I say.........I am the proud Auntie of Joesph James Wojcik. Hang in there sister! It only gets better!