Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Biggest Fan

I took the kids to Sunday School today. The other team teacher showed up today to teach my group. I had tried unsuccessfully to contact her this week to get a schedule together, but she showed up today and wanted to teach, so I explained it to the kids and went to service.

This whole deal made me late, and I got a seat in the back row just as service was starting. Nearly an hour later, when it was almost over, I looked out the doors right behind me, and there was my Isabelle clutching a coloring sheet and looking around. An older girl about 11 or 12 had seen her wandering and had followed her down the hall to the church. When she saw me, she smiled and ran and gave me a big hug and asked if I could please teach next week. I walked her back to the classroom and saw the other teacher, and we put together a schedule where we would each teach every other week. The other teacher was a bit cool toward me, so I'm not sure what the kids said to her or why Isabelle was able to leave and wander around this huge church campus by herself. Anyway, the schedule is set now, and Isabelle and I are both happy that we will be able to spend time together next Sunday.

And I wondered as I gave her another hug goodbye if we were meant to cross paths for a reason. I certainly needed the feeling of "being needed" today. And she seems to feel some sort of connection to me. She started out being my biggest challenge, but I'm thinking that she will end up being one of my biggest rewards.

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  1. Awwwww. This was the BEST story. I love Isabelle too! She sounds a bit like a Pipi Longstocking kind of girl.