Thursday, December 18, 2008

Instant Human . . . Just Add Coffee

Two more days of concerts, dances and parties to go.  The husband and I are splitting parent duty tonight - he will attend our son's kindergarten concert and take photos while I go and videotape our daughter's Christmas dance at the dance studio.  I will videotape the afternoon performance of the kindergarten concert, so we will both get to see it.  

Tomorrow are the classroom parties.  I will be helping 22 kindergarteners make snowflake ornaments out of pipe cleaners and beads and ribbon.  What is left of me after that will go to the third grade winter carnival and take photos.  

This was supposed to be the year that I got it all done.  You will remember me bragging that I had my shopping all done in mid November with one sewing project, one knitting project and Christmas cards to be done.  The cards got out early this week.  Half of the knitting project is complete, and I scrapped the sewing project.  The house isn't even fully decorated, but we may just have to go with what we have.  My husband kept coming up with different gift ideas and other things to buy for relatives right up until yesterday.  I am going out this morning to buy the final two gifts, and then I am done.  

The Secret Santa school gift exchange gifts were bought and wrapped last night along with the teacher gifts, and I delivered them to school this morning.  

This final week is for finishing the wrapping and baking and going to see Santa.  

Need . . . coffee . . . quickly . . . 

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