Monday, December 22, 2008

It Really Is a Wonderful Life

Every once in awhile, something happens that makes me realize just how good I have it.  I have a nice house (albeit a bit cluttered and messed with toys most of the time).  I have a wonderful husband who I love very much.  I have two beautiful children who are smart and sweet and funny and good kids when they aren't trying to kill each other.  

We live in a town that is very much like one you would see in a Frank Capra movie.  We have a Fourth of July parade with festooning over the streets and marching bands and candy for the kids.  Our main street is downtown on the banks of the beautiful St. Croix River.  And at this time of year, the streets are all decorated with Christmas lights.  People say hello to one another.  We have a weekly newspaper that still has a social column where you can read that so-and-so's daughter visited them, or about a baptism in a family, or see a picture of four generations of one family.  

My neighbors are incredibly wonderful, caring people whom I am grateful to know.  If I ever need something, I know they will help if they can, and vice versa.  Our kids all play together on the street, riding bikes up and down the sidewalk and in the parks, climbing trees and playing in the dirt.  

Our kids play baseball and t-ball in the summer while we parents look on from our lawnchairs on the sidelines cheering them on.  

Our kids have school concerts and Christmas pageants at our church.  (This year, my daughter was a narrator in her Christmas pageant, and my son was a shepherd in his.)  

Idyllic is a word I would use to describe my life right now.  We are all healthy and happy.  

I am always amazed at the ways that God uses to show me how fortunate I am right now.  This morning, I was standing in line at Target to return some items.  A young mother was in front of me pushing two little girls in a cart and holding a third girl's hand.  The little ones in the cart were probably nine months and just under two.  The third girl was about three and a half.  I looked at the little ones in the cart, and they stared at me with their big brown eyes.  I looked over at the little girl walking, and she also had beautiful brown eyes.  She also had been severely burned on her face and her nose and upper lip area were all disfigured.  She looked at me and smiled.  I smiled back.  I though about how upset I get in the mornings when I put makeup on over the recent scars on my face.  I hate how they look even with makeup on.  But at that moment in Target, God gave me the kick in the pants that I deserve.  I hope and pray that this beautiful baby can have plastic surgery that will give her the beautiful face that she deserves.  One to go with her big brown eyes and her happy smile.  

"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."  Kahlil Gibran

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