Friday, August 13, 2010

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

There have been a number of bloggers and Facebook people posting "25 Things" lists. So, I thought, what the heck? It's fun to be a little sophomoric and self-absorbed now and then. Here's my list:

1) My favorite time of day is mid-afternoon.

2) I hate Sundays.

3) My favorite flowers are ivory roses, irises and lily of the valley.

4) My favorite season is fall.

5) My favorite holiday is Christmas.

6) I hate losing things, and I can still remember everything I've ever lost. And, yes, it still bugs me that I lost those things.

7) I can't stand to have people touch my head or hair.

8) I eat all the topping off my pizza before eating the crust. Always have, always will.

9) I hate driving.

10) I have freakishly strong eye muscles. I am frequently amaze eye doctors.

11) I have a debilitating fear of bats. Probably from watching my mother catch and boil one on the stove once. This was years before "Fatal Attraction". The woman was ahead of her time.

12) My eyelids don't close all the way when I sleep.

13) I was once told that I look like Ava Gardner. And Sela Ward. That was awhile ago.

14) I would only want to be young again if I could take my 40-ish brain with me back in time.

15) I hate funeral visitations. And I hate the time after a person's burial when everyone walks away from the grave and leaves the deceased behind, even though I know it has to be done. And I hate how the world just keeps going when you are so filled with grief that you want to scream and just wish everything would stop. It bothers me when people die. Always.

16) My favorite Beatle was Paul. And my favorite song is "Let it Be".

17) My favorite poet is W.B. Yeats. And my favorite poem is "When You Are Old" by Yeats.

18) I've loved every cat I've ever met.

19) Dogs love me, and I love most of them right back. Except for the little yappy ones that look like rats.

20) I miss the '80s. Especially the obscure '80s songs. And the hair. All of the hairspray I used in the '80s is responsible for a great deal of the global warming. I had great '80s hair.

21) I wish I had a Volkswagen Beetle. My parents had an orange one once, and I loved it.

22) I used to be able to recite almost all of the lines in the movie "Gone With the Wind". Fiddle dee dee.

23) My kids once irritated me so much, I took a wine bottle out and tried to open it with a corkscrew, but it was a twist-off cap. I jammed the corkscrew right through the metal cap. I really needed that drink.

24) I taught myself how to knit. My first project was a seed stitch and cabled set of mittens. I only ever finished one. It is orange. And, yes, I still have it.

25) Every day of my life I wake up and wonder what I want to be when I grow up.

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